Winchester is about the house owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun manufacturer William Winchester in San Jose, California.  After William’s death, Sarah, who is played by Helen Mirren, begins to build a mansion.  But feeling haunted by those who have been killed by one of her company’s guns, she keeps shutting off rooms and building more onto the house.  Due to this, she is said to be mentally unstable.  The Winchester Company’s leaders hire Dr. Eric Price, who is played by Jason Clarke, to assess her competency.


Sarah lives in the house with a relative named Marian, played by Sarah Snook, and her son Henry, who is played by Finn Scicluna-O’Prey.  Jason is recovering from his own wife’s suicide and has become addicted to drugs.  When he first begins to see ghosts, he believes it to be a result of the drugs.  But when Henry seemingly becomes possessed, Jason must help Sarah stop these haunted souls.

The real Winchester house is a conglomeration of added wings of the house.  But other than this, most of the story is made up according to articles I have read about the house. The filmmakers tip the scales on what is true and what is fiction.

Helen Mirren is a great actress and performed fabulously, but other than a few gotchas, it’s really not a scary movie.  I can only give this movie 1 out of 4 stars and that’s totally due to Helen Mirren.  This is not a good horror film.

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