Interactive Voter Guide, created with readers ages 25 – 45 in mind.
by // Kerrice Mapes
Voter Guide

Forge Your Future, a herd of FORGE Young Professionals, has teamed up with seveneightfive magazine to create an interactive voter guide for the local 2019 elections. The guide, which can be accessed by going to is FREE and available for the public. Users will find information on City Council and Board of Education candidates and their platforms.

The questions were solicited from the Forge Your Future Herd, the broader Forge membership, and other young talent across the Topeka community. Current issues are highlighted in a ‘How would they vote now?’ section which features a quick, easy thumbs up or down, allowing the voter to gauge how candidates would vote on specific issues. More complex questions were asked and candidates were given 450 characters (approximately 90 words) to provide their written responses.

“As I began my year of leading the Forge Your Future Herd, I sought out ways to make it easier for EVERYONE to be involved in the electoral process,” said Andrew Gtierrez, Forge Your Future Herd Committee Chair. “Too many times, people are overwhelmed with deadlines, statues, and lack of information surrounding elections. The Forge Interactive Guide is one effort created to help. We wanted a one-stop shop for everything voting-related.”

“Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities all US citizens have,” expressed Kerrice Mapes, owner of seveneightfive magazine and co-creator of the interactive guide. “As a locally owned, independent media voice, our roots are based in the freedoms and liberties afforded to us, all stemming from actions people voted on. We want to ensure that our readers, 25 – 45 year olds, are civically engaged and understand the importance of their vote.”

Increasing voter registration and turnout in all elections is the overarching goal, but the two organizations also know fun is to be had. That’s why they have again partnered along with The BurgerStand at College Hill to host a Vote Dammit Party on November 5 starting at 4:45pm. Anyone who attends who voted (wears their “I Voted” sticker, their “Vote Dammit” shirt or tells us they voted) will receive a complimentary soda or if 21 years and older their choice of a draft PBR, draft of LBC Pale Ale or The Vote Dammit Sangria.



Vote Dammit 2019


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