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Throughout the aggressively irritating pandemic, a lot of local businesses have unfortunately had to close shop. However, things have continued to be on the upswing for a certain artistic entrepreneur. Denton Kahler, 35, is the founder and CEO of Underground Instrument Repair, a company that can fix your or your child’s broken instrument in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price.

Kahler began playing music in elementary school, and since then has learned how to play multiple instruments, including the saxophone and the flute. He then attended Allen County Community College, where he earned his degree in music education, and took a two year course in Sioux City, Iowa where he learned to master instrument repairing.

Kahler found his love of repair work growing up watching his father, a farmer who also worked at Goodyear, and his stepfather, a construction worker. But it was his love of music that reigned supreme as his true passion.

After coming back to Topeka in 2009, Kahler began working for a company, but after a time it became clear they had creative differences. Therefore, he started his own company, Underground Instrument Repair, in March 2020 – right at the beginning of the pandemic – and the rest is history.

When Kahler is not fixing instruments or playing his own music, he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife and five year old daughter. “Working from home has allowed me to not only grow my business but spend time with my family as well. I believe it’s important to balance work and home in order to have a healthy life,” says Kahler.

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seveneightfive magazine celebrates everything local and everything Topeka

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