Topeka Beer was created in 2012 to foster communication between craft brewers and beer lovers. The Topeka craft brew boom was just about to hit and we knew the hoppy passion couldn’t be bottled. Today, you can follow @TopekaBeer on Facebook and Twitter for beer launches, seasonal releases, pairing dinners, tap takeovers and much more. CHEERS!


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Did you know that a percentage of every Tiger Pale Ale is donated to the Topeka Zoo?


Honoring our best friends and loves in life.

Happy Basset Brewing Co
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Iron Rail Brewing pays homage to this rich railroad tapestry that runs through the very veins of Topeka. Our presence helps tell the story of a strong city, coming back to life, revitalized and ready to serve its citizens in Topeka’s historic downtown. Join us as we honor the noted legacy of Topeka’s past, and look forward to a vibrant 21st Century Topeka!


Fat Back Brewing Associates Corporation was founded in May of 2015 by  Jared and Emily, Adam and Melissa. Emily and Melissa hold the majority shares, so the Brewery is equally ran by the two couples. In line with our vision of supporting art and NOTO,  we needed a theme that would let people’s imagination roam while allowing for flexibility in artwork showcased in our tap room and naming conventions for our beers. With this in mind the group finally settled on Old Norse (think Vikings) feel, paying homage to the North Topeka community we would be joining. Northern Hills and Logan Junior Highs were closed a few years ago to make Seaman Middle School. The Mascot for Northern Hills was the Norsemen and we wanted something that reminded people. Norsemen Brewing Company was born. All Vikings are Norsemen but not all Norsemen are Vikings!

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A barrister is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions who mostly specialize in courtroom advocacy and litigation. Often, barristers are also recognized as legal scholars.
Barristers Brewing Inc. takes its inspiration from these common law advocates. We aim to do justice for craft beers and for our patrons. We would like our brewing establishment to be the ‘court’ where our beers are tried, and our customers to be the judge.
Our icon is Lady Justice, who personifies the moral force in our judicial system. The blindfold represents impartiality, the sword swift and final justice, and the scales measure the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. This is how we’d like customers to judge our beer.
Barristers was started by five friends that simply enjoy craft beer and sharing it with friends.
Opening to the public is an effort to share our love of craft beer with anyone that wants to come drink it and spend time at Barristers– in our pub or on our patio. We think of Barristers as more of Nano brewery. We brew our beer in small batches focused on crafting unique, quality beers for our customers to judge. You will not find our beer in any restaurants, bars or liquor stores. You will only find our craft beers at our small establishment at Barrington Village.

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