The Symbols are a rock/soul/blues/funk trio from Fort Collins, CO. They write, record, and perform songs that have inspired movie soundtracks, public service announcements, and commercial advertisements. Many of the band’s songs sound like something you might hear on the modern radio, but with vintage analog tones.

The Symbols feel an intellectual and spiritual influence from┬ámodern day Jeff Beck, and Amy Winehouse’s short lived but brilliant career. Critics have referred to the sound made by The Symbols as “rocking and danceable,” yet at the same time “chill and zen.” The crooning, jazzing vocals and guitar string-bending/whammy bar manipulations coming out of this band can be heard nowhere else.

See The Symbols live Wednesday, July 17 at Gage Park Amphitheater; 7-9p, FREE. Part of The Topeka Blues Society Summertime Blues Concert Series.


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