Rougher All Stars formed in late 2013 in the Midwest’s cultural Paris, Kansas City, best known for its distinctive contribution to jazz (and reggae) in the form of swing.

All of the members of the Rougher All Stars are seasoned professionals who have toured nationally, and internationally, with alumni from The Blue Riddim Band, RC-Dub, and early Jamaican reggae group The Fabulous Falcons, among others. The members have been preferred for back up bands for other international stars, appeared on internationally recognized recordings as studio musicians, and are often in high demand for their musicianship, attention to authenticity and integrity to music they are performing. With many members writing and arranging original pieces that still nod back to old familiar standards of their genre, this nine-piece band knows how to bring the good vibes from any style they are performing.

This authenticity and attention to detail comes from the members’ love and knowledge of the roots of their craft in blues, and more specifically, jazz and Caribbean styles. With members having this kind of passion for continuing the tradition of living knowledge of music and passing it down to further generations, they strive to keep the chain unbroken and moving forward for future musicians.

With the October 2013 joint release of “Enter The Riddim” with the legendary Blue Riddim Band (Rougher Records label mates), the group fully came together in their debut and launched into view.

2014 saw the band performing in festivals and events as well as more intimate and exclusive settings like the infamous Friars Club of New York city.

The start of 2018 has the band in studio working on recording their first full length album for Rougher Records (as yet untitled), and will include more original songs with fresh sounds with respect to their influences from early Kansas City and Kingston.

The Rougher All Stars are keen to show themselves as not just musicians, but as entertainers. Bringing classics and original modern tunes to their audience with class and style unseen in many years

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