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Per usual, I was running late, however a stunning site stopped me in my tracks. With shoes shined, Fedoras, perfectly tailored suits, gorgeous silk ties and pocket squares- a group of seven or eight gentlemen came gliding up the sidewalk. “Superfly,” “Smooth Operator” and the theme music from 007 movies simultaneously rushed into my head. Every girl (or boy) IS crazy ‘bout a sharped dressed man. They obliged when I requested a photo- VOGUE- and we all moved on.

Fast forward about two years…

Shoe Distinque' Gentleman

In my defense, I was only leaving the house for a donut or three from Paradise Donuts (1620 SW 6th) but decided to drive 6th Street towards downtown. I had long wondered about ‘The Distinque’ Gentleman’ and their ‘yes, we are open’ sign was displayed. The beautifully detailed SUV out front should have been a hint. Theodis Williams, owner and elegance personified, was inside this jewel box of a shop. I was painfully under-dressed in full ragamuffin mode. Thankfully, he recalled that day on the sidewalk when a stranger asked for his photo-cue full circle moment.

The shop is 100 percent dignified, refined and has been in business for twenty years. How did I not know they also sold women’s clothing, bags and sweet little suits for children? Tucked inside is ‘Heavenly Creations’ salon and boutique owned by the gorgeous Lenora Williams, whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting. I purchased a heavenly holiday dress for a non-existent Christmas party (thanks a lot pandemic) and a lovely green alligator bag. This shop must be on year round and holiday shopping list. Just the accessories are worth a visit.

The Distinque’ Gentleman and Heavenly Creations apparel and accessories for the esteemed dignified and prominent- located at 117 SW 6th Street.

Just like the Grinch’s heart, your cool factor will grow three sizes just by strolling in.

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Alison Beebe

TopekaCity Flavorista "Love Where You Live"

By Alison Beebe

– sponsored love-

Alison Beebe

TopekaCity Flavorista "Love Where You Live"

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