The Confluence

A confluence being where two or more things merge into one such as rivers or a coming together of people or events, so it is in the novel “The Confluence” by William L. Domme.

Worlds converge between the law and the lawless, the material and spirit worlds, and a man and his past

In the last quarter of the 19th century, Godwin Merritt discovers that the entrance to his Colorado silver mine is legally on his neighbor’s property. Without tipping his hand, Merritt sets out to purchase the land to secure his rights. That is until some local schemers in the Colorado boomtown catch wind. Connecting with The Black Rock Runners, an rival of Merritt’s that’s feuded with bloody battles generations past, Merritt finds his neighbor haunting him throughout his battle with the old rivals, at times aiding him and others driving him mad.

Moonshine whisky and murder done in the name of pride and revenge fuel this tale of what a man might be driven to in times of grief and hopelessness.

This literary fiction from William L. Domme is a confluence of Gothic horror, speculative and western. Chapter One of “The Confluence” was chosen as Frontier Tales Magazine Readers’ Choice award (May ’16). Like good whisky, the self-published book was recently reprinted in a small batch and awaits seveneightfive readers.

Every animal has enough brain to tan its own hide

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William L Domme has been a seveneightfive contributor since 2009.

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