by: Kerrice Mapes

This movie is based on the true story of the horse soldiers who went to Afghanistan to take back a Taliban stronghold.  In the film adaptation, Chris Hemsworth plays Captain Mitch Nelson who had plans of taking a desk job and spending more time with his family.  But after 9/11 he changed his mind.  He returns to lead his squad of 12 in an operation to remove the Taliban from the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif.  The team includes soldiers who, like Mitch, want to avenge the losses of 9/11 with Michael Pena and Michael Shannon playing the roles of two of these brave men.

Upon arrival, Mitch is informed by the Commanders, one being played by Rob Riggle, that they must go in on horseback due to the rugged landscape and they must work with warlord General Dostum, played by Navid Negahban.  This is not what these men had expected, but they are all up for the task.

This movie was a good portrayal of this mission.  The director, Nicolai Fuglsig, did a great job as did producer Jerry Bruckheimer.  Christ Hemsworth proved that he can act and did a fantastic job as did Michael Pena ad Michael Shannon.  Much of this was filmed in New Mexico and you could really believe that it was Afghanistan.  The photography was excellent.  I gave this movie 3 out of 4 stars.







Lushious Lucy puts on her skates—black quads, old-school—before a Capital City Crushers practice at Sk8away. Her striped socks come up to her knees, underneath a

Blind Tiger

World Champions

On Friday April 11, 2014 at the World Beer Cup Award Ceremony in Denver, Colo, the Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant received three huge awards.


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