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Starting off with a W.

A toast absurd enough to wash away last year and welcome a new one. 

Welp, we made it. Here we are. Woohoo! 2021!

The year of 2021 follows 2020. It aptly ends its number sequence with 1. 1 also represents the first. This is the first year after 2020- the worst year in U.S. history. WTF was that? Why?  It may seem clever in some circles to make a joke about ‘hindsight 2020’ in retrospect to this passing year but that would turn this toast into a spectacle and I don’t want us to lose focus and we all have differing perspectives anyway. I am not joking here. Let’s be honest. The past year was shit. I’m over it. I hope you are too. Moving on.

You are #1 in 2021. Let this be your mantra. Repeat after me: I am #1 in 2021. Say it again: I am #1 in 2021. I am #1 in 2021. Keep saying it all year long. In the morning, in the shower, in the mirror while brushing your teeth, in the car to work, in the parking lot as you are walking into your job or five minutes before your Zoom.  Be your biggest fan, your biggest advocate your own life coach.  

Go get what you want right now. Everything begins to fall in place after that. Start that project you have no idea how to complete. Starting is the Patron Saint of Arting. That sounds beautiful to me. Arting your way through life. If you managed to fail, this past year, I hope you will keep in mind you fell forward not back. What a wonderful way to start 2021–moving forward. Get ‘em.  

If I don’t make sense, I hope I cause enough feelings for you to wonder. Trust me, I’m a poet. It matters.  I watched 2020 not make sense and so did you and we have a lot of feelings about it. Oh, well. It is what it was.  Let that shit go. That L was so last year. Go win this one. Catharsis starts with cat. That’s a good omen.  

I don’t have a resolution after a year spent resolute. For over a decade I’ve said, “Get ‘em”. I have no idea what that actually means. It just feels right.  I just know I have the means to get there and I mean to get that- whatever that is. And the word whatever starts with a W not an L. So whatever comes our way this year, just know, we got this, we got through 2020, we will win in 2021 and when it’s all over we will be counting the W’s not the L’s. Welcome to the most important year of your life. Let life be the only L you accept in 2021. 

Wow! There are 72 W’s in this long ass toast. You’re off to a great start today. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. You’re welcome. Please don’t go back and count the L’s. You’d be wasting your time and missing the point. Cheers my friend and keep winning in 2021. Get ‘em. 

Let life, love and leisure be the only L’s you accept in 2021. 

OCT – DEC 2023


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