Howl Moon - The Carolyn Sills Combo

Fans of "proper country" have some new heroes in the Carolyn Sills Combo. Wednesday, OCT 16 at The Vinewood


by: Kerrice Mapes

Fans of classic country and western swing are falling in love with The Carolyn Sills Combo’s live show, chock full of three part vocal harmonies, dueling guitar and non-pedal steel instrumentals and tight arrangements of their own distinct style of music known as ‘spaghetti western swing.’

You can assume that Patsy Cline is Carolyn Sills’ biggest vocal muse. “Merle Travis influenced the way Gerard Egan picks his guitar, while Bob Wills’ legendary live performances inspire the band to put on a proper party for their audience,” wrote Monterey County Weekly

The Carolyn Sills Combo Logo“Powerhouse Carolyn Sills is the real deal of throwback country music. She has enough soul, heart, style and swag to convince audiences and listeners that they may have been transported to an era where country swing rules the waves, juke joints were the place to be, and heartache had a kick like a mule…” wrote Good Times Magazine. “Their new album is a record packed from start to finish with all the lonesome wails, tongue-in-cheek humor, and late night reflection you’d expect from a classic country gem.”






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