Izzy Wasserstein

When Creation Falls

This collection of poems brings to the fore, what we have been ignoring for far too long; a looming spiritual and

Kevin Rabas

Traveling in a State of Poetry

“I have what some might call a jazzy style, a style influenced by jazz music–its cadences, its democratic freedom, and, at times, its sense of urgency.” – Kevin Rabas

1000 Words

1000 Words

Ben is thirty-four and a tattoo artist known for his lettering. People are always surprised when they first meet him. They

The Confluence

The Confluence

Worlds converge between the law and the lawless, the material and spirit worlds, and a man and his past in “The Confluence” a novel by seveneightfive contributor William L. Domme

Out There

A Girl’s Best Friend

The spine is worn and cracked with love, proudly displayed atop my cabinet of wine glasses, always an arm’s reach away.

Claire's Courtyard

Claire’s Courtyard

Scurry around the library with libations in hand, explore and chat about it as loud as you please; it’s Cocktails in the Courtyard

Like Kansas


In the face of racism, colonialism, sexism, and the ever-present street harasser, dominion over self is retained through feminine force.

Sub Image Verticle


The winning combo for all things sevenieghtfive

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