Race Relations in Topeka and Beyond

“Topeka has an opportunity for Redemptive Love Among All Races. We can build together in this city. We can’t become a reflection of the National dialogue and rage,” said Curtis Pitts, author and activist. We can show them how to heal a nation from right here.”

Topeka is on the tip of the spear for the positive transformation of Race Relations around the world – you can be a part of the driving force to create sustainable, positive change.

Concerned citizens, business owners and elected officials alike are invited to Building A Model For Sustainable Positive Race Relations in Topeka and Beyond, a Race Relations Conference on Thursday, February 27. The event is FREE and open to the public, registration deadline is February 23.

The goal of the conference is to develop anti-racism training and improve said relations from a win-win platform. Training is primarily to break down barriers to positive communication and capacity in education, economic development, schools, law enforcement, civic organizations and institutions – both public and private.

The leadership conference promises to create measurable programing through positive dialog and team building activities. Panel topics include:

  • – The Race Map of Topeka
  • – How to develop business partnerships between minority and majority owned businesses
  • – The impact of race and poverty on early learning, education and employment

It is recommended that participants read and be familiar with the following two books, both available for purchase online at Amazon books or for FREE, directly from the author.

To receive a free copy of the book’s manuscripts, email Curtis Pitts at neighborhoodaa@yahoo.com

The Rock Game

by Curtis Pitts (2014): “The Rock Game” will force you to revisit your views about Faith, Urban Youth, Poverty, Racism and Law Enforcement. A detailed narrative that takes you through the everyday lifestyle of youth living in urban / low-income poverty areas. An extremely quick read (one, maybe two nights) – “what Curtis does in his few pages is convey the hopelessness and cycle of violence that permeates our inner cities.” [Amazon book review by Lumbeechief]

Why Is My Hair Nappy?: Being Me Is Cool!

by Curtis Pitts (2019): A look into the lives of elementary and middle students as they learn to socialize in a new environment. This book creates a positive opportunity for improving race relations and positive self-concepts in all who read it. Also a great project for a school play.

*** The author will send you a manuscript of the books, for free, if you simply email him and request one. Please email Curtis Pitts at neighborhoodaa@yahoo.com

We all own 50% of the Solutions and 50% of The Problems

Race RelationsBuilding A Model for Sustainable Positive Race Relations in Topeka and Beyond

WHAT: Leadership Conference
WHEN: Thursday, February 27
8:30a – 2:30p
COST: FREE – registration required
Register by email: neighborhoodaa@yahoo.com
WHERE: Prosperity Academy + Community Center
2401 SE 11th St. Topeka, Kansas


Stop the Violence Concert

Saturday, February 15
7 – 11p – FREE – All ages

Stop the Violence


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