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If you thought golf was a good walk spoiled, then go see Ken Ludwig’s “The Fox on the Fairway,” It just might change your mind.

The Fox on the Fairway
Topeka civic theatre
now – FEB 9

Topeka Civic Theater’s production of “The Fox on the Fairway”  hits the ground running with quick wit and enthralling physical comedy. A talented, tight-knit cast full of chemistry seamlessly weaves a story of fate, love, staying the course and what it really takes to win.

The Quail Valley Country Club staff competes in their annual golf tournament and the stakes have never been higher.

Quail Valley Country Club President Bingham (Jeff Boyer) has placed a wager against long time rival, the eccentric and arrogant Dick (Jake Leif) and now everyone has something on the line. Who knew greed and rivalry could be so much fun. Justin ( Nathan Dale Short) is the club’s newest staff member and quite possibly their only hope of winning. Justin’s relationship with sweet and charming Louise (Bethany Ayers) ends up in the rough and how they cope is entertaining in itself. Louise and Justin’s story of new love is endearing and adds another layer to the this farce as a romantic comedy.

Multiple relationships are challenged throughout the play: husband and wife, ex-husband and wife, employer and employee. The concept of fair play and what is out of bounds is a constant theme.

The humor is clever and delivered with precise comedic timing. The jokes range from silly to sexy and the absurd. There is something for everyone to laugh at. The jokes never stop and the laughter in the room is contagious.

If you thought golf was a good walk spoiled then go watch “The Fox on the Fairway.” It just might change your mind.  

[by Huascar Medina]

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