Music will save the world

Welcome to today, a world where we are no longer afforded the luxury of traveling and attending live concerts. While I hope this climate is temporary, a tsunami of online concerts have thrashed our inboxes, aimed at bringing the power of music directly to you.

World renowned blues harmonica player and singer Jason Ricci is a veteran to online performing, having a successful YouTube channel with over 20,000 followers, Jason has conducted private harmonica lessons via Skype for the past decade. “It was a way for me to generate revenue” said Jason, as a professional musician, it also affords him a platform for introducing new products and expanding his audience.

Embarking on a world tour late January 2020, Jason Ricci and The Bad Kind performances now sound like a series of staccato notes, halted ’til further notice. Adaptation might be this Mooncat’s middle name – Jason has overcome more adversary trials, prevailing over drug addictions, homelessness and mental health woes, arguably stronger than any virus known to man or animal. It’s his fearlessness which defines him as an artist, transmuting the hardships we all face into unforgettable music and approaching life, his instrument and music head up and face forward with no apologies. (Well, perhaps one to his wife for eating fried chicken in their bed. Link to song.)

Taking a note from his past and groups like Can’t Stop The Blues, Jason is performing a live, free concert on YouTube Saturday, March 21 at 5p CST and then again on YouTube Wednesday, March 25 at 2p. Joining him are musical guests John Lisi and Jack Joshua. Tips are welcomed.

Jason is optimistic that this new format will generate income, maybe even more then regular shows as overhead costs are removed from the equation. “It’s also an opportunity for those who just don’t like to go out anymore, they can still tune in to see the bands,” shared Jason, who promises this interactive concert will include breaks, the ability for fans to make requests and some additional cool, personalized components. “My pessimistic side is worried about the quality of the shows and the ability to continue these for awhile,” said Jason. “It’ll be fun for a couple of times, but it doesn’t support the venues which support us and there is no fixed guarantee on how much the artists can make.” That income is tangibly tied to viewers and their importance on music and experiences. “Right now, music is important,” said Jason, “but if things don’t change it’ll be all black beans and water and rice…that’ll be the priority.”

Prioritize this weekend and make plans to virtually be at the “Online Live Show: Jason Ricci/John Lisi/Jacque Joshua” live from New Orleans. You can expect good audio, good vibes and some badass music that’ll speak of the times.


Jason Ricci is one of the best and most imitated blues harmonica players of the 21st century. He picked up the instrument as a teenager when he started playing in a punk rock band. His journey started in earnest when he watched and later was mentored by legendary harmonica player Pat Ramsey in Memphis. As Ricci gigged and grew as a player he found work and support from the southern blues community. He lived and played with Junior and David Kimbrough in Mississippi and then worked as a sideman with Big Al and The Heavyweights for more than a year. In the late 90s, he formed Jason Ricci and New Blood, a band that toured around the world for more than a decade and released critically praised albums like Done With The Devil and Rocket Number 9. Ricci’s latest chapter is the New Orleans band Jason Ricci and The Bad Kind, a band influenced by the sounds of New Orleans and artists like The Meters and Doctor John.



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