Molly Bloom, who is played by Jessica Chastain, is a fantastic skier participating in the Olympics.  Her father, played by Kevin Costner, is always pushing for more from her.  After a horrific accident on the slopes, she plans to attend law school.  First she decides to live a little and moves to Los Angeles.  She takes a job working as an assistant for a real estate developer who enlists her to assist him in running an underground poker game that caters to the rich for high stakes.  Soon Molly has learned enough to head out on her own.  When she is talked into collecting a portion of the winnings for herself, she is indicted.


Molly, who is now broke, begs the assistance of lawyer Charlie Jaffey, who is played by Idris Elba, to defend her.  Soon she realizes what they are really after is the names of those who played at her table.  But Molly feels that giving up those names will ruin her reputation and her integrity.

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba were terrific and had good chemistry together.  Director Aaron Sorkin also brilliantly wrote the screenplay and did an excellent job of pulling out the emotions of Molly.  I love how Jessica Chastain continues to play the role of a strong female character and nails the part.  Idris Elba who is great at everything he does didn’t disappoint nor did Kevin Costner.

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