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Kansas Is Lit

To Kansas, A Gift of Mangos

A nation unto itself, a mirror of modern life… Unlike a watched pot this book begins to boil the more you read it.

The Garden That Never Dreams

Poem to think about what it’s like to garden. From 2012 “Top City Poetry” curated by literary editor Dennis Etzel Jr.

State Bird of Kansas

by George Paris Meadowlark intent on being   heard in spite of wind,   rises from modest nest   singing the prairie dry.   Unaware

When Creation Falls

This collection of poems brings to the fore, what we have been ignoring for far too long; a looming spiritual and physical demise. Wasserstein reaches

Traveling in a State of Poetry

“I have what some might call a jazzy style, a style influenced by jazz music–its cadences, its democratic freedom, and, at times, its sense of urgency.” – Kevin Rabas

Huascar Medina

Literary Editor

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