I am still telling people daily of what I perceive to be a “recreational therapy” that I will participate in for the rest of my life. I cannot wait until my next float.

Claire’s Courtyard

Claire's Courtyard

Scurry around the library with libations in hand, explore and chat about it as loud as you please; it’s Cocktails in the Courtyard

Scene Change

Front Door Catering

Front Door Catering is helping enhance the entire dinner theatre experience at Topeka Civic Theatre

Everyone’s Alone Tonight

Everyone's Alone Tonight

Everyone’s Alone Tonight by James Benger and Jason Baldinger are poems about daily strife Daily strife that turns into weekly, monthly, yearly and then generational struggle.

Sunflower Sutras

Sunflower Sutras

“We want to share the weird stuff other publishers shy away from. Whether poetry, fiction, sketches, photography, or disjointed rants, we’re here to spread art…”

785 Weekender