Huascar Medina has delivered a highly intricate examination of themes that every person has experienced in some way. Because of this, “Theodore’s Love,” the play he’s written which earned him the title of 2018 Homegrown Playwright Project Winner, makes room for the cast to grab the audience’s emotions and intellect and takes us for a significant journey.

Moments of tense character interaction grip the audience between genuinely humorous dialogue as we ride the wave of not one but a few spiritual insights.

Laugh out loud and cry out loud scenes were brought to life on opening night for the world premiere of a play that deserves to be seen. Bravo to the cast, crew, and playwright. And, whomever picked the songs between scenes.

The Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble, established in 2010 has made “Theodore’s Love” a remarkable experience. They perform in the Jayhawk Theatre Gallery of the Jayhawk Theatre located at 720 SW Jackson Street in Downtown Topeka, you know, the one with the sky-high neon Jayhawk on top. And, though two of the showings have come and gone, there remains more chances to experience “Theodore’s Love,” though time is of the essence.

See it Saturday and Sunday at 7:30p each night.
Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

This review has been provided spoiler-free in order to allow for maximum appreciation of the playwright’s creation. Now, go see “Theodore’s Love!”

by William L. Domme  |  image provided

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