A biodiesel bus filled with a range of products made from industrial cannabis including textiles, construction materials, plastics, food, bio-composites, clothing and more rolls into Topeka Monday.

The Hemp Road Trip, started in 2016 by Rick Trojan, serves to advocate and educate the benefits of industrial cannabis. Since inception, the bus has traveled to four countries, 48 states and embarked on six nationwide tours. A documentary was created.

“The Hemp Road Trip” debuts in Topeka Monday, October 15 at 7p (doors open at 6p) at the Jayhawk Theatre. Tickets are $15 or $25 a couple.

“A few years ago I became involved with a legal hemp farm in Colorado. We grew for CBD, a dietary supplement found in the cannabis plant,” said Trojan.  “However, when going to market, I learned that we couldn’t ship our hemp products across state lines because the plant remained federally illegal. However, my buddy could import a similar compound and sell to all 50 states. I was prohibited because my product was grown domestically.”  So Trojan decided to do something.

“What was needed was an end to prohibition.”

So he bought a biodiesel bus, wrapped it displaying facts on what #HempCAN do and started following the Presidential Primaries.

“We drove across the nation three more times, covering 48 states, visiting hemp farmers, processors, businesses and speaking with everyday citizens. Moreover, we focused on meeting with state and federal legislators, including most of the Senate Judiciary members’ offices. Each trip we share accurate information about the benefits of industrial hemp and demystify the perceived danger. We’re making progress towards the end of federal prohibition. The next step is sharing some of our adventures through a video documentary medium- to increase the breadth and impact of this message. That is where your support is most needed: to help us get this message to more and more folks, and help rid America of fear of this agricultural crop.”

Learn more and spread that knowledge by attending the showing Monday.

The event is supported by Kansans for Hemp  who are committed to the equity, growth, support, and evidence-based/sustainable best practices of the industrial hemp industry in Kansas.


by Kansans for Hemp, JAN 24, 2017

Historically, Hemp is as important to America as her flag. Our Forefathers were utilizing hemp since before our country was a spark in their eyes. Benjamin Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on paper made from hemp. It was a required crop among the American Colonies as it was used heavily in naval applications.
Hemp is arguably the most useful plant known to man, but in the 1930s it became associated with “Marihuana” and began facing scrutiny.
During the second World War, after Japan cut off our sources for Manilla Hemp, the US Army and the USDA campaigned “Hemp For Victory” in attempt to raise America’s Hemp production. By the 1950s Hemp suffered complete prohibition even though the US continued to import it’s products, and does so still to this day.
Today, thanks to the Federal Farm Act of 2014, 33 states have introduced pro-Hemp legislation. The time of unsubstantiated stigmas is coming to an end and it is time for Kansas to come back to Hemp, as it is the material of which our agricultural lifeboat will be constructed.

Location: Jayhawk Theater
720 SW Jackson St Topeka, KS 66603
Time: Doors open at 6, film starts at 7

For one night only, you have the chance to see this unique film – shot over several years, and several thousand miles. In it, you’ll travel to 24 States with the ‘Hemp Road Trip’ and meet with senators, farmers, lawyers, activists, and business owners who share a common interest in hemp and what it can do for our planet and our species.

  • Did you know it was once illegal not to grow hemp in the USA?
  • Did you know that Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic? …and it ran on Hemp fuel?
  • Did you know that the word ‘canvas’ literally means “made from cannabis”?

Come, travel around the United States on a ‘Hemp bus’ with Rick Trojan, as he interviews, educates and inspires people on all things Hemp.

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