Grandmothers Club Reunion

by: Kerrice Mapes

In the 1970s everyone was getting down at Grandmothers, according to Mark Toelkes from the band Mark + The Sharks and co-host of Grandmothers Club Reunion show at Uncle Bo’s.

Grandmothers, the night club, was located in the building where The Blind Tiger now resides. It was owned by Bob Zibell and managed by his sister Cheryl and him. They boasted live music six nights a week. “It was a hotbed for local music and a regional stop for many touring bands. KANSAS was a regular band there and after they recorded their first album, they played to a packed house before going on tour,” said Mark.

According to Mark, the original Grandmothers served 3.2 beer, which at the time could be consumed by anyone 18 years of age or older. Once Grandmothers was established, Bob added an upstairs bar and stage to the building and opened a 21+ liquor by the drink club called The Loft. Many of the patrons would go to Grandmothers until they closed then go to The Loft and watch live music. It was all about the music. No TV’s or video games. Just music, two pool tables and a foosball table.

The Grandmothers Club Reunion, hosted by Mark & The Sharks, is a time for people to get together and share stories of a golden time in the music history of Topeka. There will be several musicians that played at Grandmothers / Balcony performing Saturday night including Mark Toelkes.

Admission is $10
Doors 6:30p / Show 8p






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