As the sun sets in the west, and the cicadas begin their haunting chorus, I am preparing for battle. My unsuspecting foe, Top Dog on Huntoon, sits in the fading light. No one expects what is about to unfold, least of all this ninja…

As I make my attack I am reminded of the drive-ins of yore, those that are only spoken of in stories in my village and the theatrical productions our clan holds on warm nights. Quaint and unassuming, but powerful enough to draw a crowd and serve as a central location for merriment. This place is oddly familiar, though I’ve never been here.

In my nostalgia, I am caught off guard by the greeting I receive accompanied by a full smile and enthusiastic tone. I am given a moment to peruse the menu which gives me time to continue my assault with a fresh mind. Then, one of the owners throws off my balance once again with a barrage of kindness and traditional Texas conversation.

Hot dogs here. Burgers up the street, as the sign out front indicates. A unique selection of delectable delights and no stone unturned in the search for variety and different pleasures as far as gourmet hot dogs goes. Every taste from Mexico to Chicago is present and my choice is difficult as I want to sample everything.

The food is magical. The flavor is robust, the portion is plentiful, the mix of ingredients is well balanced, and this ninja’s belly is full. The gourmet bun is soft and fresh, jalapenos accompany the toppings and are crispy as if plucked from the plant when I arrived. A salsa accompanies my Mexico Dog and the frank, topped with drunken beans, bacon, avocado, and more is sumptuous and rich. No training would have prepared me for this battle and I am utterly defeated.

The cost of my meal is half what I prepared for. $7.50 for the meal I decided on. I have enough coins for two selections but I am satisfied from my selection and will save my extra gold for another round when I recover from this total annihilation. My meal was complete with a side and drink, standard fare but more than enough considering the portion of the dog.
Food ninja final score 5 FISTS!!!! Kiai!!

I will return to Top Dog again. Not to retaliate on my foe, not to exact my ninja revenge, but to enjoy every single menu item. The father/son owners are friendly, driven, and genuine. This establishment is one to watch as it will undoubtedly be a huge success in Topeka. Ninjas unite!


4140 SW Huntoon

TUES – THURS: 10:30a – 9:30p
FRI + SAT: 10:30a – 3a
SUN: 11a – 8p
MON: closed

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