Stylized staging transformed what could have been a haphazard thrift marketplace to Elizabeth Daniel - Décor, an alarm-setting Friday afternoon shopping experience.
The Concepcion brothers are the concept creators behind some of Topeka's best menus.
Originally published in The Rye Whiskey Review – online poetry 'zineAppeared in the 2020 anthology Thought for Food from South Broadway Press FOR JASON VIVONE Let’s just say you had a meltdown in the grocery store because your hands are so dry from washing and sanitizing that you can’t open the plastic produce bags and [...]
After a year's Gigaton of Good Grief it is important to Heal_Thyself. Seattle, Lawrence, Topeka. Its been a heavy year and no doubt these artists worked on these tunes more than just in 2020 but thankfully these are out and ready to spin. One thing they all share are smart words delivered with delightful charisma. [...]
People are motivated by five basic categories of needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization. Of those needs, according to psychology proposed theorist Abraham Maslow, the most basic are physiological needs such as the need for air, food, water and safety.
"African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle & Song" is the centerpiece of Lift Every Voice: Why African American Poetry Matters, a year long national celebration and humanities initiative of African American poetry and an exploration of the perspectives it offers on American history and the ongoing struggle for racial justice. This anthology was made [...]
The walls outlined in Herrera's poems continue to close in on present day America. Herrera writes to all parts of our humanity in an effort to tear down those barriers.
These poems declare, "My body/ is mine."
Loving to cook was our starting point. Happiness from customer’s faces and seeing them return is our motivation. We enjoy studying the culture differences, food culture and adopting Americanized tastes while maintaining authentic Thai style to bring together two cultures in harmony.
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2020 + Special Anniversary brew
Per usual, I was running late, however a stunning site stopped me in my tracks. With shoes shined, Fedoras, perfectly tailored suits, gorgeous silk ties and pocket squares- a group of seven or eight gentlemen came gliding up the sidewalk. "Superfly," "Smooth Operator" and the theme music from 007 movies simultaneously rushed into my head. [...]
Front Door Catering owners Nicole DeGennaro and Mike Weibel started their business in 2012 after being in the BBQ contest circuit for many years. It was finally just time to open their own place and share their cooking skills with the rest of us. Their tag line “Great food made from love, seasoned with humor,” [...]
"I want a way to give black kids new heroes, and feel like they have more options." -Dané Shobe
Artist Becky Drager brought 20 inspirational Topeka people together, in the middle of a pandemic united in passion and brought together on canvas.
"The more you do the right thing, the better the outcome." -Alfredo Castillo, owner, Los Mandiles Rojos
It’s just all off the top of the dome, man. I don’t think about anything I do at all. I don’t think about shit. I just do it.” Patrick Rocha, says this in reply to his portraiture, pieces that are a remarkable and often surreal reflection of their subjects. His work is an apt parallel [...]