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Classic Arcades Games up for grabs in Topeka, every Tuesday

If the past four months have taught us anything, it’s how to love our home. Creating the ultimate home-arcade / game room is no longer reserved for expensive man caves or wet dreams – but a unique and fun idea for the entire family. But where do you start assembling your epic arcade palace, one complete with the games that you remember playing before or after skating parties?

Big box stores are carrying products that give the illusion of classic arcade cabinets as well as game-room musts like the Driftwood 56” Foosball Table; but the reviews say it all. The 125lb game comes in pieces, leaving you to assemble the play-field (woohoo, it’s like Christmas Eve in July) but the promise of late-night matches make it all worth it, right? Sure, this foosball table comes complete with handy cup holders and stainless steel rods, yet the one to three star reviews suggest quite a different game experience, most notably, the lack of strength and durability as proclaimed. With a $399 price tag and warranty of only 180 days, you’re better off spending your time and money on a DIY project that encourages your six-year-old to host his own chin-up contests.

Classic arcade games can also be purchased in mini-key ring sizes (not exactly what we imagined) and now in the marketplace are Legends Ultimate Home Arcade. The $500 arcade cabinet is one fifth the weight of traditional cabinets, comes unassembled and requires internet. Our suggestion, instead of purchasing this machine you’re better off placing a tablet in an oversized cabinet and connecting some controllers or buttons to it. WHAM! You’ve got the ultimate home arcade, NOT.

ShuffleboardPart of the arcade nostalgia is the artwork. It’s why we love pinballs and sporting vintage ATARI tee-shirts. A search on the world wide web shows original, dedicated classics, like Galage, Ms. Pac-Man and Qbert for upwards of $3,000; we see why the Legends Ultimate multicade looks so promising to some; that is, until now.

Ad Astra Auctions, located in Topeka, KAN has been buying and selling refurbished arcade games for over a decade. Some games (most pinballs) come from collectors, but the majority are from vetted coin-operators who have taken a machine “off the street” meaning they were once in the arcade, pinball pub or back corner of Tortilla Jacks. The games have been tested, undergone some clean up (and disinfectant) minor repairs and are now ready to live and bring joy to those in your home.

Dedicated cabinets mean they were made and remain exclusive to the corresponding game and most feature original artwork – which can range from decal art to painted graphics. They can be set to free play for your home, or remain coin-op (a new way to store that change) and the occasional ding, scratch, wear on the console or iron lock bar adds character and life. A 400lb Ms. Pac-Man has seen some things, since being brought to life in 1981.

Another great option, which Ad Astra Auction offers, are kitted multicade which rival the store-purchased game. Using controllers, guns and trackballs from other games, dynamo cut or other style cabinets, operators are making arcade uprights and cocktails for the home buyer featuring dozens of games, created from classics that had a good run.

Ad Astra Arcade Auctions are hosting weekly 10@10 Arcade Auctions every Tuesday, online. 10 different items are up for auction every Tuesday starting at 10am, for 10 hours. If you win, you can store the item at the warehouse for up to 45 days at no additional cost. Learn more and start building your home arcade room today.





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