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Poet Laureate of Kansas


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In Unison, Ad Libitum

African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle + Song

"African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle & Song" is the centerpiece of Lift Every Voice: Why African American Poetry Matters, a year long national celebration and humanities initiative of African American poetry and an exploration of the perspectives it offers on American history and the ongoing struggle for racial justice. This anthology was made possible with support from The National...

Dick Dale Cures The ‘Rona

Kansas Is Lit

Originally published in The Rye Whiskey Review – online poetry ‘zineAppeared in the 2020 anthology Thought for Food from South Broadway Press FOR JASON VIVONE Let’s just say you had a meltdown in the grocery store because your hands are so dry from washing and sanitizing that you can’t open the plastic produce bags and your glasses are fogging up from your own breath escaping through the...

State Bird of Kansas


by George Paris Meadowlark intent on being   heard in spite of wind,   rises from modest nest   singing the prairie dry.   Unaware of election   to avian poet laureate,   makes allegro music,   few notes floating   in tangled air   disappearing in oblivion.   The lark composes   meadow sweetness   in counterpoint to   rattlesnake...

The Very Edge

The Very Edge Poems

Join Flying Ketchup Press as it releases its first collection of international voices in poetry. “The Very Edge” is an intense collection of urgent and inspiring poetry that brings together writers in English, Spanish, and French. It features New York poet, Anne Whitehouse, and Kansas Poet Laureate, Huascar Medina. Co-edited by Polly Alice McCann and Araceli Esparza. Take a journey...

When Creation Falls

When Creation Falls

This collection of poems brings to the fore, what we have been ignoring for far too long; a looming spiritual and physical demise. Wasserstein reaches out across vast expanses of time to admonish us of our fate. We are both warned and blamed for the malefic manifestations confronting us. The work is cryptic and suggestive, like the words of a bone reader in search of an omen. Yet, we are...

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