Warren Vache’

Bunny Berigan shakes hands with Clifford Brown


The 51st Annual Topeka Jazz Concert Series features Warren Vaché, cornet and Russ Phillips, Trombone on Sunday, February 16
Sometimes narrowly classified as a swing musician, the cornetist regularly defies this or other labels. Just when you think you can predict how cornetist Warren Vaché might finish off a phrase or interpret a given song, he turns quite another way or the tune receives a totally new treatment.
“It speaks well for jazz, that music of continuing surprises, that it is still capable of producing unclassifiable players like Warren Vaché, who find new and personal ways of using aspects of the jazz tradition that others may have overlooked or neglected, or never been exposed to,” wrote DownBeat writer and jazz historian Dan Morgenstern of Warren Vache’ “Eclectic he [Vache’] may be … but uncommitted he most certainly is not.”
Vaché listened to and absorbed all styles of music. His trumpet heroes include Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge and Bobby Hackett among others. Shunning imitations, he is able to evoke some of the best from these while creating his individualized cornet voice. That voice stresses purity of tone, with large, round, mellow sounds. “In my opinion, the Cornet is a marvelously expressive instrument that has been overlooked in our modern age,” said Vaché. “It allows me a larger pallet of color with which to paint.”
In the liner notes for Vaché “Easy Going” album, Peter Straub wrote, “here Warren has located himself firmly in that most immediately satisfying of jazz territories, where (in trumpet terms) Bunny Berigan shakes hands with Clifford Brown”
“In my career, I have played 1st trumpet in the big bands of Benny Goodman, and others,” said Vaché, “as well as accompanied Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Short, traveled and recorded as a soloist in groups of varying sizes, all on my Cornet.”

The Topeka Jazz Concert Series presents its February concert featuring NYC cornetist, Warren Vaché and Chicago trombonist, Russ Phillips. Joining Vaché and Phillips is Kansas City musicians Roger Wilder on piano, Ben Leifer on bass and John Kizilarmut on drums. Vaché pairs well with Phillips on trombone, who is adept at performing in a variety of musical settings from classical ensembles and pit orchestras to big bands, small swing bands and rock ‘n’ roll horn sections.

The concert takes place Sunday, February 16 at 3p in the Regency Ballroom of Topeka Ramada Hotel and Convention Center. Admission is by a Topeka Jazz season membership; available for a reduced cost of $60. After Vaché and Phillips there are two remaining concerts of the 51st Season: Jeff Hamilton Trio (March 15) and Laila Biali Trio (April 5). LEARN MORE

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