Out of the studio comes a five-piece band that solders Americana, acoustic rock and shit-kicking, toe-tapping bluegrass. You don’t know DemFellers ’til you’ve seen ’em live; ain’t that the truth. Raw and unapologetic in a back-woods sort-of-way, DemFellers will make you smile and swing as they bang the Banjo, pound the mando and wash the board filled with social issue grit and middle class disparity downbeats.

Four damn dollars / Ah, well, I can’t pay the rent / I’m shacked up by the river in an ole holey tent /// Blue Skies / Ain’t nobody gonna bring me down / as long as I got my guitar I’m doing fine

The band believes in the power of music to bring people together and supports local music and art. Their originals will have you up dancing all night, saying you swore you’ve heard that song before.

“First Hits Free” DemFellers’ debut album was released on April 20, 2019 and recorded at the Red Rock Ranch with Grammy award-winning recording engineer Martin Schmelzie. Despite the title and convenient release date, the band isn’t trying to push (or give) you all or some local grass, “First Hits Free” insinuates that DemFellers’ have packed this album with 13 hit songs, and dammit, their giving them all to you for free. Just visit their website to download the entire album.

‘First Hits Free’ free of charge and free of guilt.

“Jive Turkey” – So the moral of this story, if you’re hanging round my yard / Really is quite simple girl, you don’t gotta think too hard / Keep shaking your feathers every day of the week / You’ll end up on my platter, cause this boy he’s gotta to eat.




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