I live by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy of finding beauty in life’s imperfections. Gnocchi, the reason why potatoes are a sincere MVP of the food world.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Out There

The spine is worn and cracked with love, proudly displayed atop my cabinet of wine glasses, always an arm’s reach away. Greg Fox’s cookbook “FRESH: recipes from RowHouse” [self published, 2012] has been like a best girlfriend to me: inspirational, challenging, fun and always there exactly when needed, during some personal, pivotal life moments. Joyful … Read more A Girl’s Best Friend

Poet Laureate of Kansas: May Our Voices Ring True

Huascar Medina

Poetry is a lens that can be both microscopic and telescopic representing the “…clear expression of mixed feelings,” as poet W.H. Auden suggests. Poetry creates space where we can discover ourselves, find our place and revel in beauty and truth. But through poetry we can also find connection with one another. Poet Mahmoud Darwish said … Read more Poet Laureate of Kansas: May Our Voices Ring True

Claire’s Courtyard

Claire's Courtyard

Scurry around the library with libations in hand, explore and chat about it as loud as you please; it’s Cocktails in the Courtyard

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