Angel Romero

I came to Topeka in 2006 to start college at Washburn University, and haven't looked back! Ever since coming to Topeka, I have been impressed by how eager the community is to have young people be a part of the community. I love that I get to work every day for an organization that is fighting for the education, health, and financial stability of all citizens, from cradle to grave. I believe that real, lasting, change comes when we attack the root of challenges in our community. That is why I believe so strongly in the message of United Way. I get to work with an awesome team of passionate individuals who talk to the community about why investing in United Way is important to creating lasting, positive change. I am continually looking for opportunities to expand my fundraising knowledge and skill-set, as well as grow in my management and leadership abilities. Like any other community, Topeka has its challenges, but I continue to be inspired by the people I work with, and I am eternally optimistic about our community's future!
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