Josh Vowell Blues Band

Electric and Cajun-influences blues, Midwest soul and vintage jam rock

Josh Vowell Blues Band

Josh Vowell Blues Band brings their electric blues and vintage jam rock to every show. Their incredible array of talent makes this a must-see band. Josh Vowell epitomizes the blues and his gritty spirit and soulfulness can be heard singing through his vocal and guitar. Wife and keyboard / vocals Whitney Vowell brings developed harmonies which add more depth to Vowell’s bluesy chords while allowing the band to perform some female vocally driven tunes. Bassist Ben Kile, a musician’s musician, puts the bass inline and brings energy to both sensitive and big musical moments and finally, In the pocket drummer Colby Earleywine whose grooves are unwavering.

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Josh Vowell Blues Band at Evergy Plaza

KSNT News - May 18, 2022

Josh Vowell Blues Band

KSNT News - June 2, 2022


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