The Long-Overdue Spiritual Awakening

His so-called “zen” perspective on life
is what I despise most of all.

If a tree falls on my house
I want a little sympathy, maybe even
someone to say, “Damn that storm anyway.”

I will not need
some cryptic flapdoodle about rivers
of change and possessions growing
wings just to flap the hell away.

Tony owns his robes and that’s about it.
Yes, also the bottle opener shaped like a Bud Lite.

When I need advice from a monk like Tony
I’ll turn on the Monk Advice Channel.

Till then, what I want from a friend
is someone to throw rocks
at the clouds with me.

Christopher Citro

Christopher Citro’s first book of poetry, The Maintenance of the Shimmy-Shammy, was published by Steel Toe Books on March 1, 2015. His awards include a 2019 fellowship from Ragdale Foundation, a 2018 Pushcart Prize for his poem “It’s Something People in Love Do” (first published in Sycamore Review), the 2018 Meek Award for Creative Nonfiction from The Florida Review, the 2015 Poetry Writing Competition at Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art (judged by Beth Ann Fennelly), and inclusion in the anthology Best New Poets 2014. His poetry has been an honorable mention for the River Styx International Poetry Prize, shortlisted for the Booth Poetry Prize, a semifinalist for the Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize, and a finalist for the Arts & Letters Rumi Prize in Poetry and the Rattle Poetry Prize.



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