Everyone’s Alone Tonight

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Everyone's Alone Tonight

Poems about daily strife Daily strife that turns into weekly, monthly, yearly and then generational struggle.

I enjoyed reading the work of two poets with distinct voices singing in the same key. This is Americana from the “Middle.” Poems written by “working hands…sifting the rubble of a/ long-dying.” Poetry “For Tammy at the Wal Mart Tire + Lube.” Postcards from those places we don’t want to admit we’ve been. Places we can’t stop visiting. Places we might still be living in. We can always try harder to better understand what is occurring in the heart of this country. This collection will help shed some light on some, things, and maybe some places that are closer than you think.

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Huascar Medina

Huascar Medina

Huascar Medina lives artfully in Topeka as a multidisciplinary artist and writer. His first collection of poems is titled "How to Hang the Moon" (Spartan Press 2017). Recent work published can be found in "Finding Zen in Cowtown" (Spartan Press 2017), "Kansas Time & Place : An Anthology of Heartland Poetry" (Little Balkan Press 2017).



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