WE BELIEVE in hyper local art connects everyone has a story

seveneightfive speaks to a modern, local audience and delivers an immersive experience that blurs the lines between digital, social, experiential, print and events.

We invite you to join us. CHEERS!


  • Published four times a year, seasonally
  • Readership of 10,000 per issue
  • Printed locally at Mainline Printing
  • We only allow locally owned businesses to advertise with us
  • Founded June 2006
  • All contributors are freelance – we have no full-time employees
  • Have contributed $465,000 to local nonprofits since 2006

Advertising in seveneightfive works; it associates positive memories with your product or business.

The power of advertising is in the long game.

DIGITAL + (costs)

Weekender ad: $75 / wk

Online ad: $50 / mo

KSEF digital radio: $265 / 13wks

Social media campaign: $300

More than an ad – we care about our advertising partners in an intimate, strictly professional manner. We go beyond the pages of seveneightfive and work to put your best foot forward.